Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who is Ikuta Toma girlfriend?

u guys need to hear this!!! Image
tomakun is currently dating sumone. n she's NOT from japan. suprised?heard dat that lucky girl is sumone from a country called MALAYSIA!!!she met tomakun in jap Image because she is currently studying in japan n they met while he was shooting a drama. that girl didnt know that tomakun is an actor at first but lucky her-------------------- guess dat they might find it a little hard to communicate but she can pick up the language cos it seems that she has been staying in jap for quite some time now

Image Image Image Image sighhhh
this is why i wanna go study in japan for university
If it's true, she has to be pretty. She has to be! Or I'm gonna go to Japan and steal Toma from her or something lol

Happy Birthday

Je tai' me Abah :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009


He left me alone

I let you go wherever you go

Please dont try to find me

I am dead


The day I was leavin, I was feeling insecure, I thought that I would throw, away from your life.
Every time I think of this, I always catch my breath, I live in your heart beats, you're smiling miles away.
I’m wondering why you left me like this?

Through this question there is a storm, That is raging with my frozen heart every day,
When I hear your name from my heart, certain circles came in front of me,
And it always makes me pain.

I am spending my day just thinking about you only,
And it’s almost driving me craze.
How desperate I am since you left me alone!
It creates pain in my heart, my love and all the moments, that we had spent together
In just one moment.
But ,
I cannot forget my love, I want to hide in your breath and be alive is your heart beats,
I have no meaning with out you.
I am trying hard make understandings, with my heart and my mind
That you throw me away!:D

I run away.

You took your love away, too fast.
Left no chance to say, look back.

And now I know the truth, it makes it easier.
Maybe when time goes by, I'll understand.

Lets pretend that I moved on, then I'll tell myself,
That life goes on without you.
Open my eyes, look deep inside,
I run away, I run away, I run away.

You threw it all away, so blind.
Pushed me far from you in your life.
Now I know the tears wont lead to loneliness.
Maybe when time goes by, I'll understand

Lets pretend that I moved on, then I'll tell myself,
that life goes on without you.
Open my eyes, look deep inside,
I run away, I run away, I run away

Bye ,

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ikuta Toma :3

I've seen this guy from Hana Kimi and I started to like him a lot. I didn’t notice that he is in Hana Yori Dango II where he played as Oribe Junpei. He is really good in acting and he's cute too. I’ve done some research and here’s what I find out. And I put up some pictures too^^ check it out yoh!

The panty thief? LOL

Name : 生田斗真
Name (romanji) : Ikuta Toma
Height : 175cm
Weight : 58kg
Birthdate : 7th Oct 1984
Education : Horikoshi Koukou, Art Course (graduated)
Siblings : A younger brother name Ryuusei
Horoscope Sign : Libra
Prefered Sport : Soccer (Midfield)
Fav Food : Hamburgers, Curry Rice, Hayashi Rice
Fav Colors : Black and White
Fav Music Artists : X-Japan, GLAY, Mr.Children, Metallica, Guns N' Roses, etc Fav Actress : Matsu Takako
Best Subject : English and Society
Worst Subject : Mathematics
Bestfriends : Tomohisa Yamashita, Jin Akanishi, Yuu Shirota
Special Skills : Dancing, Singing and Acting

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I don't know when it came. This cold , it fills my soul. I still feel a fire , but I doesn't warm anynone. Where is all energy , we once got from love ? Paralyze througths , our hands are frozen. Empty eyes - There are no words , there are no tears. A few stars left, but too far to reach. All green seem like grey in the dark. Who said it would be over soon ? Who thought we could conquer our nature ? Impossible to overcome , there is no end. Nothing will disappear , but all will change. There will be no path , but we have to march. All throught the cold.

14th Jan 2008

You wont forget that day arent you ?

Some of us think holding on makes us stronger ,
but sometimes it's letting go that proves our real strength!:)

Aku ingin kau merasakan hebatnya cinta
Dan leburkan saja serpihan calar derita

Selamat ulang tahun sayang ,
Kini kau bersayap, pergilah terbang ,
Rentaslah langit cita cita mu ,
Harap nanti kita kan bertemu

Selamat ulang tahun sayang ,
Janganlah engkau tak terbang pulang ,
Ku nanti penuh kerinduan ,
Selamat tinggal, selamat jalan

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

20.15 :D

I don't have idea why you do that. Hell yeah , I'm soso happy lei :) I wanted to sent some message fer you but I'm scared , sorry =(

Over the past few months, you were the thought that never left my mind.
A flash of lighting could pass by and make me flinch, but only because you weren't with me.
My whole heart and head was filled with you, your 'love'.
But why'd you go breaking my heart like it was nothing at all?

Tears flow down my cheeks over your heart-breaking game.
Why am I crying?
This shouldn't be it; I should be hating you!
Or maybe it's the fact that I still love you that I know hating you isn't true.

Tearing me apart, like any other boy did.
I thought you were different.
Pretending to protect me, but really hurting me; now that's just plain cruel.
Never did I know you'd hurt me this way.

I'm telling you this before it's too late;
Don't make a girl fall in love with you and kill her life.
Treasure her, love her, do everything you can to make her happy.
And don't ever, ever, make her cry because of you.

14th Jan 2008 , come back pls :(

14th Jan 09,

Monday, January 5, 2009

Gahh , most forgotten to tell you

One of my friend told me about her first day in her school , and and she told me this freaking " I went to two schools and both rejected me ! "

damn pity her , FUCK IT Man , cant they work with her application faster ? What the hell , other student already register in their schools and her ?! Suffer at home with boredom while all her friends enjoy suffer in school with friends& teachers . WTH . People start to thank God that we have a school because she don have one and its freaking embarrassing . FUCK IT MAN !

ps ; I am so addicted to all the things you do .

She must wait till she sleep ar ? And and I believe she's not the only oneaded to the SRI MUTIARA education office today , can u belive what I saw ?! Students in uniform sleeping there . WHAT THE HELL ! Goverment always say " pelajar harapan depan kami" MALEHH don talk bullshit la , if harap WITHOUT SCHOOL ! If its so, they should release the result earlier la (PMR i mean) . IF you all cant release the result earlier then please la , make the exam earlier so that you guys have more time to settle the thing since malaysia goverment is famous for their "speed" . Do u know missing one week in school means alot . Seriously, one week time in school she can settle everything , her cocuricculum , uniform parts , textbooks , revision books and so on . What's the difference man . Pmr starts one week later , and those who transfer to schools have to wait one week later only can go school , its not fair! Fuck you G*verment, Fuck you! I cant stop saying that . If I was allowed , I would take a picture of that scene , its so fucking embarrassing to our country malaysia, this shows how "speedy" they are . Malaysia boleh mah ! what also boleh la . Maleh .

By typing this post it still cant cool me down eventho thats not my problems . IF you people know end of the year is the " hectic" month why dont make more counters ? Oh i forget , its MALAYsia.! Opps , forgetful me .

Heavenly Days

I turn off the time to wake up before , the alarm clock ressounds ,
I dunno why but I can already remember you .

I wonder if , before I know it , I'll forget ,
Even the miracle of being able to meet you for one hundred minutes ,
Will I end up forgettin even that I've forgotten ?

Heavenly days , in the room in the pocket of my heart ,
I look for yout vanished warmth ,
Even if there's no way to feel you ever again ,
Im lockin up those days that are still a bit warm .

Tired of walkin , I sat down and was at loss , if you were wif me ,
We could have talked about somethng like our memorable dream's fate .

I couldn't say it by the ticket barrier , I wanted to say ,
That I feel "Thank You" are maybe words ,
Much sadder than "Goodbye".

Heavenly days , I wonder if I could smile properly ,
At the scene of our last kiss , I could not even grasp you shivering hands ,
Not even my tears fell , Now that's its too late , they overflow when Im alone .

Heavenly days , in the room in the pocket of my heart ,
I look for your vanished warmth ,
Even if there's no way to feel you ever again ,
Even if I stretch out my hand , you're not here anymore ,
I'll walk on under a new light

Reference ,Heavenly Days - Yui Aragaki (the one that reflects me)

ps ; 9 days more ^^

School is Cool

Yippie , Form 4 ^^ The first day of high school is the most important day of your life . Exaggeration ? Absolutely NOT ! That life altering day begins with first impressions . Your worthiness is evaluated , scored, and your social standing is chinked into stone by your peers . It is the defining period of your teenage years and thus will impact your future success , who you marry , who you become .

The shiny extensive corridor awaited my sluggish footsteps , '4Arif' was my destination . I clasped the cold copper door handle and peered through a crevice in the frosted window pane , I was the first person to arrive , however I had woken up early ,

The alarm vibrated on top of my table , with each buzz pulsing through my veins , sending shock waves to my heart , now realising I had to wake up .
At speed I tugged the skirt up to my waist , fastening them with 'baju kurung' . Feeling my stomach churn as the tightness increased .

First period , English ; no problem , I could form a decent sentence .
Second period was economy with Mr. Raziman , or as the seniors called him ‘Hands Down’ , as he allegedly liked to put his hands on the girls’ bottoms .

Third period science was hosted by a frighteningly stereotypical absentminded professor by the name of Mrs. Lee ,

Fourth period , right before lunch , was with Mr. Truelove . We could have had a bloody field day with his name , but he was the school principal so the students collectively , respectfully left his name in tact . Fact was , Mr. Truelove was a really cool guy and a terrific math teacher . Numbers were not my strong suit so I was naturally nervous , but the first 30 minutes in his class were enjoyable . I answered a few questions correctly and made the guy sitting in front of me laugh with a few well-placed sarcastic asides . Half of this stressful day was over and I felt great . Life was good . New class was awesome :D

ps ; Our parents spend the first twelve months of our lives teaching us to walk and talk , and the next twelve years telling us to sit down and shut up:)

with love ,

Hebat kan SAYA ^^

Ahad : 04.01.09

Bangun awal doee [lepas kena baling bantal ngan abah]
Mandi , siap2 , kuar g makan .
Yang paling hebat aritu jugak beli barang2 skola , hebat an ? :)
Ta ade ke jename GUESS pnye baju skola urh ? :(

Peeps , slamat ke skolaaaa yawww :D

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I need your advice

I desperately need advice . here's the deal .

I really like/love/have a crush on somebody . Pick whatever . But we had been broke up since july 08 . However , I can't stop thinking of him and I don't know what to do but it is really annoying when I have to study and do other necessary things . I'm also in a bad mood all the time and am constantly day-dreaming . This is going on for about five months and it really burdens me :(
I felt like a weirdo , but my intentions were totally on the level . I do love him , I mean that . Sadly ,
he doesn't loves me anymore .
What should I do? I swear I am dizzy from him . I need him , and I am so tired of being alone and I think I found the boy of my dreams . If I look at a picture of him I don't go to sleep at night . I bang my head on the wall and will myself to get him out of my mind so that I can think of my boy . I think of him at stupid moments . I miss him . I haven't attempted to contact him . I don't want to mess things up for him .

I know we will never be together yet I can't prevent my feelings for him ,
So I just wanted to know how can you stop loving/strongly liking someone ? Is there anything that helps ?

fyi ; This year , I wish I could forget him A.S.A.P

ps ; 11 more days ^^

また会いましょう ,

Elly is taking a break

Wahh , penat , baru smpai umah nehh :p
Gile 1st time elly g gotong royong tlong menolong , masak memasak , kemas mengemas , cuci mencuci . agagaga . penat pok ^^

Friday, January 2, 2009


Bsok na balek kg , pak long meninggal :(
Ta bole on , ade bnyk nyamuk , sob
Bosan , pfft . Nvm , kejap jehh . Haish .
Okie laa . Na ym japp , heee :D

ps ; 12 more days^^

barbie's diary ,


Yeayy , today bestt , jalan2 cari ape ehh ? :p
Haha , manade cari jantan . LOL
Saje shopping barang skolaaaa , sbnarnye bkn na sngt pong tp sukesuke jehh .
Ump , bangun awal , kul 10 [awal keh ?]
Pastu kuar g skola , antar borang pape tah . Pastu meet hannah ngan miza ,
Kuar g gurneyyy , cari beg , beg cm bangang bdk2 kecik pnye .
Rase cm na je amek beg tarik "barbie" tuhh bawak g skola , comel ape . theee :D
Pusen2 , tp ta jmpe jugak beg yg lawa2 , pastu lunch kt mcd , time makan kutuk2 org blkg lar , tepi lar , bahahaha :p
Pastu gerak g jalann lagiihhh , then saket kaki la pulop an .
G beli sandal plak , atoiii =.= da kuar topic la .
Cewahh da cute2 da pilih sandal , g pusen lagikkk , bila la nak abes nihhh .
Msok POPULAR , beli tah pape je sdgkn bnda tu da ade blambak2 , hohoh ^^
Last2 beg ta beli pong time tu cos gile ta comel beg nye dop :(
Nnt lar cari tmpat laen , agagaga .
Pstu kile bosan , g lepak starbuck , menom la ape lagi ann
Yg ta bole blah , keje g mcd snap pic je , pastu g mane2 pn snap pic jehh ,
apakah ?!

New Year Eve

best parak ^^
Queensbay bessttt ! So many leng leng lui and leng zhai <33
Bunga api pn syiokk :D
Act , malas na buat karangan . So , cincai2 jehhh , hee (;

pyepye ^^

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dont Ask My Result

thee :D