Saturday, January 3, 2009

I need your advice

I desperately need advice . here's the deal .

I really like/love/have a crush on somebody . Pick whatever . But we had been broke up since july 08 . However , I can't stop thinking of him and I don't know what to do but it is really annoying when I have to study and do other necessary things . I'm also in a bad mood all the time and am constantly day-dreaming . This is going on for about five months and it really burdens me :(
I felt like a weirdo , but my intentions were totally on the level . I do love him , I mean that . Sadly ,
he doesn't loves me anymore .
What should I do? I swear I am dizzy from him . I need him , and I am so tired of being alone and I think I found the boy of my dreams . If I look at a picture of him I don't go to sleep at night . I bang my head on the wall and will myself to get him out of my mind so that I can think of my boy . I think of him at stupid moments . I miss him . I haven't attempted to contact him . I don't want to mess things up for him .

I know we will never be together yet I can't prevent my feelings for him ,
So I just wanted to know how can you stop loving/strongly liking someone ? Is there anything that helps ?

fyi ; This year , I wish I could forget him A.S.A.P

ps ; 11 more days ^^

また会いましょう ,


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