Monday, January 5, 2009

School is Cool

Yippie , Form 4 ^^ The first day of high school is the most important day of your life . Exaggeration ? Absolutely NOT ! That life altering day begins with first impressions . Your worthiness is evaluated , scored, and your social standing is chinked into stone by your peers . It is the defining period of your teenage years and thus will impact your future success , who you marry , who you become .

The shiny extensive corridor awaited my sluggish footsteps , '4Arif' was my destination . I clasped the cold copper door handle and peered through a crevice in the frosted window pane , I was the first person to arrive , however I had woken up early ,

The alarm vibrated on top of my table , with each buzz pulsing through my veins , sending shock waves to my heart , now realising I had to wake up .
At speed I tugged the skirt up to my waist , fastening them with 'baju kurung' . Feeling my stomach churn as the tightness increased .

First period , English ; no problem , I could form a decent sentence .
Second period was economy with Mr. Raziman , or as the seniors called him ‘Hands Down’ , as he allegedly liked to put his hands on the girls’ bottoms .

Third period science was hosted by a frighteningly stereotypical absentminded professor by the name of Mrs. Lee ,

Fourth period , right before lunch , was with Mr. Truelove . We could have had a bloody field day with his name , but he was the school principal so the students collectively , respectfully left his name in tact . Fact was , Mr. Truelove was a really cool guy and a terrific math teacher . Numbers were not my strong suit so I was naturally nervous , but the first 30 minutes in his class were enjoyable . I answered a few questions correctly and made the guy sitting in front of me laugh with a few well-placed sarcastic asides . Half of this stressful day was over and I felt great . Life was good . New class was awesome :D

ps ; Our parents spend the first twelve months of our lives teaching us to walk and talk , and the next twelve years telling us to sit down and shut up:)

with love ,


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