Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm sorry =(

okie , na pemudahkn la eh
cerite btol nihh
dye tu mcm da ta caye kt elly da
dye suke ingt elly tpu dye
sdgkn elly ta buat pape pong

malam tuh, kul 11 lebih
elly otw g tdo umah lagi 1
cos cousin ramai bapakkkk
so mmg lar mulemule lmbt rep sbb elly men GAMEBOY
game tuhh susah bangkai , sob
bkn buat ape pong rep lmbt sket
sry la
bkn sengaje , gameboy pnye pasal la nihhh , piff
tp seriously, mmg ta sangke dye msg, and sronok kileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
sbb slame ni elly salah num rupenyeeee
kiewak pnye ajib kasi num pong salah
seb baek dye antar msg klu tak tah ngan sape la aku dok msg slame ni
bahahaha ^^

pastu cousin dtg lagi la
fewwitttt , ta tlayan mcm buat knduri kawen la plak dahhh
sdgkn bsok bru kenduri, atoiii =.=
last2 msg dye buat dunno, na tdo la ape la
yang paling truk bile dye kate elly prngai ta brubah
sedey kile jor , woooo


Thursday, November 6, 2008

My soul :)

I want a boy who will move the hair away from my eyes, and then kiss me.

Who will hold my hand in line at the mall and make all the girls jealous.

A pretty boy, but not so pretty that I feel awkward.

A boy who thinks I'm b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.

A boy who will sing to me at random moments.

Who lets me sleep on his chest.

I want a guy who will tell his mother I have beautiful eyes, a guy who will bring me orange juice when I'm sick, who writes songs about me because he doesn't know any other way to tell me how he feels.

I want a boy who is more goofy than romantic, but knows the right things to say at the right times.

A boy who will apologize for calling too much, and no matter how many times I tell him its okay, he'd still do it.

A boy who will let me gossip to him and just smile and agree with everything I say.

A boy who will throw stuffed animals at me when I acted dumb and then jump on me and kiss me a million times.

I want a boy who will write me notes in class, and give me flowers every once in a while for no real reason at all.

Who will bet kisses on who could beat who on at game.

Who makes fun of me just to make me laugh.

A boy who will surprise me with 25 cent ring and we could have contest of how far we can spit our gum.

Who will take me to the park, put his hands around my waist and give me big bear hugs all the time.

A boy who will kiss my neck, just to have a reason to tell me how much he loves my new perfume.

I want a boy who, at night, who will dance in his pajamas with me.

A boy who will take pictures in photo booths with me, someone who will never turn down a trip to the lake and who will play tag on the beach with me.

Who will tell all his friends about me and smile when he does it.

A boy who could sit with me on the kitchen floor and eat

Who will make out with me in the pouring rain and will tell me when he doesn't think something looks good.

I want a boy who would try to teach me how to play the guitar, even if we just end up laughing at each other.

I want a boy who will run his fingers through my hair, share his lollipops with me, and get along with all of my friends.

Someone who would never be afraid to say I love you in front of his friends and someone who would argue with me about silly things just to make up.

I want a boy who will take me to Target to just make fun of some of the stuff there.

Someone who will kiss me at midnight on New Years and who will make funny faces at me when I'm on the phone.

I want a boy who will count stars with me and be friends with my family.

I want a boy who will stay home with me on a Friday night just to help me make dinner and watch movies together under the same blanket.

A boy who will tell me I'm b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l but not too often.

I want a boy who looks me the eye and tell me something serious, that was also funny and make me promise not to laugh.

A boy who could make me laugh like no one else can.

I want a boy who will hold me closer than normal when I'm sick, and would play with my hair.

Monday, November 3, 2008

First LOVE ^^

heyy , first of all , i wanna tell you that my english was not perfect like yours , savvy?:) setakat faham sudah && thnks you guys bcoz click this blog and waste your time ^^

this blog i made just for him , yeah , only HIM :)
why lei ? heh, because he make me become like this

okie hunny bunny , lets start merepek , haha
its begins on dec '07 , I never expected that the day would changed everythng. GOD show me that he's the one and the only one. i started join one of online game called 'Ragnarok Trinity' . This is my first char :

this char was awesome , heheh , when i melepak at the town , i saw a cute little novice boy with banana hat, *tergelak kecil time toh*

his char name : 'ShienBei', haha , still remember doe ;P
then i starting to sembangsembang with him
he told me his name 'Pali' , hee , then mcm biasa i introduced myself.

After that , we started to used myspace to chat because its more easier huh? ^^

when i saw his profile, OMFG, he's sososo cute leii

I felt so happy startng on 14th Jan until now because there's someone who were always said to me "ily sayanggg" every day

I love the dreams i have of u

the "things we do"

i wish they would come true

do u wish that too

i wish i could tell you

oh how i wish u knew

all of the dreams of u and i

i wouldn't want to dream of any other guy

my dreams of u feel real

so what's the big deal

in my dreams we "do it"

i like it a little bit

that's no lie

i can't say why

i love the dreams i have of u

and i love the "things" we do

I love you not for who you are,but its who I am when I'm with you.. I want to live a lil bit longer to spends my life with you. Syg, do pray that i'll recover as soon as possible. i dont want to leave u. but if i have to..., i'm sorry.nothng can change my fate. i dont care what other people said about us. They are just felt jealous. pfft!

4th July '08 ;

You was the first guy

i ever had a crush on

you was the first guy

i got to call my boyfriend

you was the first guy

to kiss me

you was the first guy

to steal my heart

you was the first guy

i fell in love with

you was the first guy

i made love too

you was the first guy

to break my heart

you was the first guy

i ever missed

you was the first guy

i think about when i hear a love song

you were my first everything

now you are the first guy

i will forget

i just act like i can forget bout him
hmm, but .............IMY LIKE CRAZYYY !!!!!!

I miss you when

something really good happens,
because you're the one

I want to share it with.
I miss you when

something is troubling me,
because you're the only one

who understands me so well.
I miss you when

I laugh and cry,
because I know that

you're the one who makes

my laughter grow and

my tears disappear.
I miss you all the time,
but I miss you the most

when I lie awake at night

and think of all the wonderful times
we spent with each other
for those were some of the

best memorable times of my life.

Missing you so much it hurts!



Do you believe me?

Can you see the lies in my eyes?

The things I hide

I admit I have flaws

Secrets and regrets

I wish I never kept

But I don't regret meeting you

And it's no secret to


How many times do I have to say it

Do I have to get on my knees?

To make you believe

It's you and me


Never apart

I could near depart

Without you...

I can't make you love me

I won't force you to try

I just don't want to see you CRY

Or hear you say GOODBYE

I want to be WITH YOU


our song ; b , nyanyi kt elly skali lagi bole?