Tuesday, January 13, 2009

20.15 :D

I don't have idea why you do that. Hell yeah , I'm soso happy lei :) I wanted to sent some message fer you but I'm scared , sorry =(

Over the past few months, you were the thought that never left my mind.
A flash of lighting could pass by and make me flinch, but only because you weren't with me.
My whole heart and head was filled with you, your 'love'.
But why'd you go breaking my heart like it was nothing at all?

Tears flow down my cheeks over your heart-breaking game.
Why am I crying?
This shouldn't be it; I should be hating you!
Or maybe it's the fact that I still love you that I know hating you isn't true.

Tearing me apart, like any other boy did.
I thought you were different.
Pretending to protect me, but really hurting me; now that's just plain cruel.
Never did I know you'd hurt me this way.

I'm telling you this before it's too late;
Don't make a girl fall in love with you and kill her life.
Treasure her, love her, do everything you can to make her happy.
And don't ever, ever, make her cry because of you.

14th Jan 2008 , come back pls :(

14th Jan 09,


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