Saturday, January 24, 2009


He left me alone

I let you go wherever you go

Please dont try to find me

I am dead


The day I was leavin, I was feeling insecure, I thought that I would throw, away from your life.
Every time I think of this, I always catch my breath, I live in your heart beats, you're smiling miles away.
I’m wondering why you left me like this?

Through this question there is a storm, That is raging with my frozen heart every day,
When I hear your name from my heart, certain circles came in front of me,
And it always makes me pain.

I am spending my day just thinking about you only,
And it’s almost driving me craze.
How desperate I am since you left me alone!
It creates pain in my heart, my love and all the moments, that we had spent together
In just one moment.
But ,
I cannot forget my love, I want to hide in your breath and be alive is your heart beats,
I have no meaning with out you.
I am trying hard make understandings, with my heart and my mind
That you throw me away!:D


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