Monday, January 5, 2009

Gahh , most forgotten to tell you

One of my friend told me about her first day in her school , and and she told me this freaking " I went to two schools and both rejected me ! "

damn pity her , FUCK IT Man , cant they work with her application faster ? What the hell , other student already register in their schools and her ?! Suffer at home with boredom while all her friends enjoy suffer in school with friends& teachers . WTH . People start to thank God that we have a school because she don have one and its freaking embarrassing . FUCK IT MAN !

ps ; I am so addicted to all the things you do .

She must wait till she sleep ar ? And and I believe she's not the only oneaded to the SRI MUTIARA education office today , can u belive what I saw ?! Students in uniform sleeping there . WHAT THE HELL ! Goverment always say " pelajar harapan depan kami" MALEHH don talk bullshit la , if harap WITHOUT SCHOOL ! If its so, they should release the result earlier la (PMR i mean) . IF you all cant release the result earlier then please la , make the exam earlier so that you guys have more time to settle the thing since malaysia goverment is famous for their "speed" . Do u know missing one week in school means alot . Seriously, one week time in school she can settle everything , her cocuricculum , uniform parts , textbooks , revision books and so on . What's the difference man . Pmr starts one week later , and those who transfer to schools have to wait one week later only can go school , its not fair! Fuck you G*verment, Fuck you! I cant stop saying that . If I was allowed , I would take a picture of that scene , its so fucking embarrassing to our country malaysia, this shows how "speedy" they are . Malaysia boleh mah ! what also boleh la . Maleh .

By typing this post it still cant cool me down eventho thats not my problems . IF you people know end of the year is the " hectic" month why dont make more counters ? Oh i forget , its MALAYsia.! Opps , forgetful me .


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