Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who is Ikuta Toma girlfriend?

u guys need to hear this!!! Image
tomakun is currently dating sumone. n she's NOT from japan. suprised?heard dat that lucky girl is sumone from a country called MALAYSIA!!!she met tomakun in jap Image because she is currently studying in japan n they met while he was shooting a drama. that girl didnt know that tomakun is an actor at first but lucky her-------------------- guess dat they might find it a little hard to communicate but she can pick up the language cos it seems that she has been staying in jap for quite some time now

Image Image Image Image sighhhh
this is why i wanna go study in japan for university
If it's true, she has to be pretty. She has to be! Or I'm gonna go to Japan and steal Toma from her or something lol


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