Monday, December 29, 2008

Ohh myy ...

When I woke up , I've received some motivation message from my friends . Sry dude I cant rep ur msg cos my hands 'mengeletar' .

Fiuhhh , act I dont wanna go out to take my result bt my sis twisted my arm :( When I came to school , I saw many students and my friends too . I was veryveryvery nervous , atoii =.= God , help me liao , soso scare lei =(

I've noticed that one of my classmates got 8A's and 1C , waaaa , No wonder , he put his back into it and got good results . My teacher told me no one in my class got A's in Bahasa Arab , wth , bahasa arab really2 susah . Kan da kate arituuuuhhh .

Lets see how many A's their got (a few oni) :
Aiman : -
Faiz : 8A's
Mia : 6A's
Hannah : 4A's
Miza : 5A's
Shamira : -
Syiqin : 3A's =.='
Sakina : 8A's

I walk with a straight face to the teacher and ask for my results . And and slowly she gives me a piece of paper . Wahh , want im gonna to do now lei ? Okok , then I tnampak sket2 word "CEMERLANG" . Waaaa , mintak2 its really cemerlang , not jembalang :(

Na tau result elly ? Gahh , no need la ^^

Act , Im not so pro in maths and history , but in BI I sure everythings gonna be okayy bcos I've no much problem with BI eventho my english was bad , bahaha:D

ps ; sesape bole tolong ajar elly maths , any volunteers ? :p

feeling blue ,


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