Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vietnam vs Singapore

Internet connection is getting bad in my house . no tagboard this time round cos I find it messy . so , if there's anything in particular you want to say , get through me by th phone . have not been catching with usual girlfs due to a tight schedule . cip is almost done cos I'm lagging behind the other groups . one week is going to end soon and school's gonna start . everything happened in a zap .

On wednesday , Singapore survived an endless stream of attacks to draw 1-0 with Vietnam in the first leg of their Southeast Asian championship semi-final .
This was their worst game so far , they didn't create any chances , NOOB ! I'm really disappointed in them . fancy saying so much , and now they are ashamed .

I wanted to write to the newspaper but I don't want this matter to blow up . so much for the complains .


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