Friday, December 26, 2008

The deadly Dec 26 tsunami that changed our lives forever

It has been 1 year now but memories of that fateful day still lingers on for many .

I live in Penang Island . A quiet , peaceful and beautiful tropical island located in Peninsular Malaysia . An island that is reknowned for it's pristine white sandy beaches and is a very well known and popular tourist destination . On December 26 2004 - pandemonium struck . Giant waves swept into the coastal beaches of Penang and our lives changed forever .

When the tsunami first hit Penang , there was a news blackout for a few hours and many did not know what had really happened . You would be surprised that in some places no one even knew the magnitude of the disaster only until a few days later.

We now realise how fragile life really is and how easily it can be taken away from us .

happy 1st anniversary of the Tsunami tragedy:)


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