Sunday, December 28, 2008

I've got nerve (sugoku kinchou shite imasu)

Result PMR will coming soon dontcha ? Act , I'm not sure when but my friends saids its on 30th dec isnt ? Sry if I was wrong .

Well you know, It's difficult to get straight A's fr me cos I've make some stupid mistakes . And it's catch-as-catch-can . I realized it was a fool's errand but what can i do ? :( I'll never in a million years forget bout my foolish .
'Bahasa Arab' paper was quiet tough , && guess what ? I leave 2 pages cos my mind was blank besides it was a raining cats and dogs out there and I felt very sleepyyy . I told my friend about this and she saids " Have you gone out of your mind ?! " Haiz . Not gone out of my mind laarr , im just asking for trouble . Bahaha :p

PMR is really annoying and its bane of my life ! I've work my fingers to the bone and I hope everything gonna be alright and you cunts , keep your fingers crossed for me . heh . My mom told me not to worry , it'll all come out in the wash . Mama , abah , dont go bananas if my result not bring the house down :(

ps ; 2 days

with love ,


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