Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I will start out by asking a simple question!

Why are you with your partner, Gf/Bf?

1. Because you think they are a great person, they make you happy, you truly love them, they truly love you, you guys are the perfect match. And you feel just like a perfect fit with person.


2. You think they are hot/sexy. They are popular. Your friends like them, they are well known.


Most people will pick the second option
And see, its funny
You will think
Yes think

You love your partner
You dont love them

You love there sexyness, there hotness, The benifits of being with them.
You dont really love them

Think about that.
Honestly today in the real world, People, make me sick.

Love, is suposed to be the most important thing in life, the best gift.

But truthfully, if you asked well most people, weather they would have.
A car, A tv, A phone, A nice house, A laptop
Just material things
They would chose that over a lover.

Or if they had to give something as simple as texting on there phone up for their lover,
Most wouldnt do it

That tells you
You dont really love them

In todays society over use and throw the word love around like a football
And it takes away the meaning
You have everybody saying it

I will admit I say it to a lot of people

But I also understand and know the different meanings
And the different types of love

People all I have to say
is think about it


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